Hi and welcome!  My name is Kimberly and I am the oldest of Los Ramseys.  I live with my boyfriend in Hoboken, NJ and work in Manhattan, NY as a Bridge Engineer.  That being said, I am an ENGINEER, I am not a writer, so I apologize in advance for my lack of writing skills (same goes for my photography).  I like to keep a journal when I travel abroad and always enjoy going back to read what I did as it is easy to forget the details.  I think this blog will provide me the same satisfaction, but on a larger scale.   I can document my life adventures and share with family and friends at the same time!


Phone booth in London, UK

A brief history on me:

I graduated from North Carolina State University (GO WOLFPACK!) with a degree in Civil Engineering in 2007 and started working at an engineering firm in Charlotte, NC right after graduation.  I thoroughly enjoyed by mid to late 20’s in Charlotte however felt the need to live somewhere different.  All I knew was North Carolina and even though I traveled to visit other cities and countries, I wanted more.  The opportunity came for me to work temporarily in New York on a large project.  Temporary being 15 months.  I took that opportunity thinking that if I hated it, I knew it had an expiration date and I could come back.  Well of course I loved it and to top it off I ended up meeting my boyfriend, The Hoch (pronounced like coach with an H) while in New York.  He also works for the same firm but out of the Manhattan location.  When it was time for me to return to Charlotte, I decided to relocate permanently to the tri-state area.  We found our little apartment together in Hoboken, NJ and have been living there ever since.


Me and The Hoch

After I officially moved to Hoboken, I took the trip of a lifetime to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.  One of my good friends planned the trip and I decided to go on a whim not knowing everyone that would be going.  I took 3 weeks off of work, the longest I had ever taken off since I started working and it was AMAZING.  I always knew I loved to travel and maybe I was too scared to do it before, but being in this beautiful country, that spoke a completely different language, with people I did not know until we met there was so invigorating.  I had traveled to other countries before, but always with family or friends and only English or Spanish speaking countries.  My comfort zone.  This trip took it to a whole new level and I became hooked. And just like me wanting to move to a new city, now I want more.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

My goal is that every year, I plan to travel somewhere new and foreign to me.  And for a long time, nothing beats 2 to 3 weeks off of work.  Nothing.  I wish I would have started sooner, but it’s never too late to start something that you’re passionate about.  I have taken some smaller trips along with a couple of larger ones since Brazil and will continue to do so.  I will be sharing about those trips on this blog along with city life, adventures with The Hoch, fitness and anything else that inspires me.  Thanks for reading!!  I hope you enjoy this space as much as I enjoy living it.

UPDATE (5/23/16): Hoch and I have quit our jobs to travel the world for 6 months!  I will be writing about our adventure here on the blog!  Also, check out our tentative itinerary and places we plan to visit: World Travel 2016 Map!

UPDATE (3/13/17): Hoch and I are back from our travels and have relocated to San Antonio, Texas.  He has returned to work and has graciously offered his support for me to volunteer as part of a teaching English abroad program in Chile, South America!  I will be in Chile for one semester and will continue to write about those adventures here on the blog!

UPDATE (10/04/17): I am back from my semester abroad in Chile!  It was an amazing experience and though I am happy to be home, it was bittersweet leaving.  I’ve compiled all my SA adventure blog posts here: Semester in Chile !  I am currently looking for work in San Antonio, TX and will continue to share all about my life adventures here.

P.S. I will also update this About Me Page soon!




3 thoughts on “Kimberly

  1. It’s a rainy day in Rosario, Arg. Perfect for internet catch up. I hope your placement in your school and community is feeling right. Fabulous blog and I love the family approach. David’s Cuba advice will be super useful too. Happy we got to meet in Santiago. Cuidate chica!

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    1. Thank you! So far everything is going well! I’ve been with my host family for a week now and will be starting to teach solo this week!! Hope you’re enjoying Argentina! I will definitely be following along on the rest of your year abroad along with reading previous posts of your time in Asia!

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