Chile: San Pedro de Atacama & El Desierto Florido

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a good week!ย  Mine has been pretty good so far.ย  Can’t believe the USA soccer team didn’t qualify for the World Cup though!ย  I was looking forward to watching this coming summer.ย  I guess I’ll have to find another team to cheer on (Honduras?!). Anyways for this post, I wanted to continue with another recap of my South America travels.ย  … Continue reading Chile: San Pedro de Atacama & El Desierto Florido

..rules us all.

Iโ€™ve taken a backseat to photography for money. Timing is everything and it just so happens my friend Hilary started coming into the spotlight as I was ready to retire from it. Before stepping completely out of the light, I discovered a fresh subject I passionately adore. I personally have been practicing yoga for a year now. Iโ€™ve been hard core for a few months … Continue reading ..rules us all.