Semester in Chile

Hi y’all!  I wanted to lump all my blog posts from my time in South America together in one spot.  This includes my volunteer experiences in Chile and my post volunteer travel recaps in Chile, Peru, and Argentina.

Here are what each colored pin represents along with their corresponding blog posts:

Light blue – Where I was placed along with the places I was able to travel to during my semester in Chile.


Chile Update!

Chile: Life Abroad

Chile: Weekend Adventures – Part 1

Chile: Weekend Adventures – Part 2

Chile: Weekend Adventures – Part 3

EODP Volunteer Service is OVER

Dark Pink – Where the Hoch and I traveled to.

The Hoch comes to Chile!

Dark Blue – My little bit of time traveling solo, sorta.

Lima, Peru

Green – My travel adventures with one of my favorite Aussies, Jessie!

Machu Picchu and Cuzco!

Puerto Maldonaldo, Peru

Perú: Arequipa and Colca Canyon

Chile: Lauca National Park

Iguazu Falls

Orange – Continued to travel with Jessie and my other favorite Aussie, Kate!

Buenos Aires + Uruguay: Colonia & Montevideo

Yellow – My travel adventures with Kate.

Argentina: Salta and Jujuy

Purple: Kate and I meet up with Lucy for the end of our trip.

Chile: San Pedro de Atacama & El Desierto Florido

Final Post:

Chile: Celebrations and Farewells

Hope you enjoy reading about my South America adventures.  I think it is now officially my favorite continent.