Blogiversary + New Series!

Hi everyone!  So today is technically our 1 YEAR blogiversary! It is crazy how fast the year has flown by and how much things have changed since we’ve started this blog.  Kimberly was fortunate enough to travel the world (and document it here).  Stephanie’s company, 3D Brows by Stephanie, has really taken off keeping her busy along with being a mom to an outgoing and vibrant … Continue reading Blogiversary + New Series!

Our World Travel Budget

Hi everyone!  Yay for the weekend!  Hope you’ve been enjoying the warmer weather.  The temperature has been all over the place here in Baltimore.  It was 60 degrees on Thursday, yesterday was 33 degrees with a wintery mix, and today is a sunny 42 degrees . So this isn’t the most exciting post.  Skip if you aren’t interested, but I wanted to share how much … Continue reading Our World Travel Budget

Who’s that?

Hey y’all. Here in North Carolina, we got wonderfully snowed in. Just me and and my babies. I took a few photos I want to share.. as well as some of the children who live on our street. These children are siblings and Evelet kept staring and asking “Who’s that?…Who’s that?” Lol… I hope they don’t give her sibling fever….yet. Anyways, I hope everyone had … Continue reading Who’s that?