The name is Stephanie. The middle child. About me….about me…what about me? To be frank, this is my 4th attempt at writing my “about me.” I am so much more than my “titles” and “roles.” I am more than what others think I am and I am more than what I even think of myself. Needless to say, this little project has turned into a little obstacle I’m determined to overcome. It really got me thinking about Me and who I Am. So who am I? Well, as my grandma says “I’ll put it to you like this….” Words don’t come to me easily. Basically, I suck at this so bare with me if I haven’t lost you already.

I am [currently] a dragonfly. The dragonfly is commonly correlated with the symbolic interpretation of transformation. I never put too much conscious thought into who I am or who I want to become until I became a mother in July of 2014. I have a little girl who has this remarkable power over me. I say she’s mine but I’m really hers. I strive to be the best me because Her eyes are always watching her mommy. I would venture to say I’m still figuring it all out but it’s more like I’m still finding it all out… So for now, I’m a dragonfly in the midst of transitioning into something I’m uncertain of but undeniably fading into. We’ll just have to wait and see now shan’t we?


Meet my family. I would say my “little” family but he’s 6’3″, I’m 5’10” and she’s 97% on the growth chart for height. 🙂 My love and the father of my child, Jaisen Mohamed and our precious daughter, Evelet Amada Mohamed.  

I took the time to make a list of things that remind myself of Me. Those of you who know me are probably smiling right now. (Hey, I see you.) For those of you who don’t know me and are trying to figure out why you’re still reading this crazy girl’s “about me”…Hey, I see you too.

So here I go:

A full moon.
A bottomless ocean.
The smell of honey suckles.
The sound of the violin.
The clearance rack.
Random song lyrics.
Cheap and gaudy sunglasses.
A camera. Any camera.
Fluffy ear muffs.
The Latin culture.
A hammock.
Checkered vans.
Flower crowns because they just rule. Period.
Pocahontas because something is always just around the river bend.
…..okay, I’m getting carried away and I’m stopping now.


Moving along, I hope my random posts find you well. I look forward to sharing my ventures alongside my brother and sister. I’m sure I am speaking for them as well when I say we are so humbled to have your attention from time to time.


In closing, here’s to Rumi for wording himself so simply and beautifully for those like myself who find such strain in expressing themselves:

“My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.”

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