Our World Travel Budget

Hi everyone!  Yay for the weekend!  Hope you’ve been enjoying the warmer weather.  The temperature has been all over the place here in Baltimore.  It was 60 degrees on Thursday, yesterday was 33 degrees with a wintery mix, and today is a sunny 42 degrees . So this isn’t the most exciting post.  Skip if you aren’t interested, but I wanted to share how much … Continue reading Our World Travel Budget


Hi everyone!  I apologize for the delay.  I’ve been enjoying time with family and friends and have fallen behind with the blogging.  I still have 2 more country recaps to fill you in on from Hoch’s and my world travel adventure.  Today’s post is on Croatia.  Croatia is a beautiful country with a lot to see.  It is actually pretty expensive, especially along the coast … Continue reading Croatia

Czech Republic

Hi everyone!  So we are still plugging along our Central European Tour.  After Krakow, we took an overnight train to Prague.  We luckily ended up having the entire 6-person compartment to ourselves.  The train split up along the way with some cars going to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague.  I slept pretty well (surprisingly) while Hoch struggled a bit. Hoch – the train would link up with … Continue reading Czech Republic


Hi all!  So we are loving Central Europe so far!  It is a bit on the cold side, but still very beautiful and a nice way to end our long vacation.  Hoch – I wouldn’t call our time in Asia a vacation in the strictest sense of the word; more like a journey or adventure. I was actually getting a little jealous of missing out … Continue reading Poland