May we raise them.

Hola. 🙂 I hope my Monday morning post finds you well. Here in North Carolina, the weather this weekend was perrrrfect. I worked a little and played a little. Sunday was pretty exceptional and definitely one for the books… For my “Sunday Funday,” I reunited with one of my very best friends, Hilary aka Hilaria, Hilaboo, Hilawee and the list goes on. Like so many … Continue reading May we raise them.

Time to post!

There’s this dementing part in the human brain that “thinks” it has plenty of time… Which is misleading. Because “The trouble is, you think you have time.”-Buddha “Shoulda Coulda Woulda” (remove from vocabulary)! I’m guilty of pushing the envelope on completing projects, goals and etc.. (This Blog Post). No longer am I going to wait for the perfect moment. If there’s one thing I learned … Continue reading Time to post!