Jonas Weekend Blog Launch

Hi there and welcome to Los Ramseys!  We are excited to launch our blog site and hope you will enjoy getting a sneak peek into our lives.  We are three siblings, close in age, similar, but different and are excited to launch our blog together!

The plan was to launch this past weekend when we would all be together.  Stephanie and David were supposed to be visiting Kimberly in NYC, but snowstorm Jonas had a different idea.  Unfortunately, all flights were cancelled for Friday, when the snowstorm was in Charlotte and on Saturday, when the snowstorm hit NY.  So our fun weekend together will have to be rescheduled for another time.  However, we’ve postponed the launch long enough.  It is now or never people.

We thought starting the blog would be a good way to keep in touch with each other along with family and friends, and a great way to express ourselves.  It has been a long time coming, as we are all busy and it has been difficult coordinating, especially since we do not live close to each other.  That being said, this space is a work in progress and we are sure we will learn along the way.  We do not have any experience with websites, domains, or anything else having to do with blogging.  We are winging it, so to speak.  So again welcome and enjoy the ride!  We really hope you enjoy reading!

So instead of telling you about our fun trip together in NYC, we will share with you some snowed in weekend pics.   Which isn’t as exciting, but it can be!  It is all about perspective, right!?  We are pretty sure we did the same things you did.  Made a yummy breakfast for a lazy Saturday or Sunday, did some household chores, took a nap, played in the snow, and were just plain lazy.  Oh and of course we prepared for another Carolina Panthers Sunday!  Check out our weekend pics below and if you want to know more about us, check out the About page!

Photos by Stephanie:




Looking outside


Chasing Daddy


David Ramsey


I look like a llama with a camera. Faux fur on faux fur on faux fur.


“don’t move..”


When she reaches for Mommy’s hand….. #swoon


look up…


peace and popcorn….

Photos by David:

Fire grill
candid canon
Taking pics with SDR

Photos by Kimberly:

The Hoch
Pretty snow in the Park
Grimaldi’s Pizza, Hoboken
Digging out cars.
Philly Cheesesteak Dip and Panthers Football!

4 thoughts on “Jonas Weekend Blog Launch

  1. I love the blog already. Although i have never met any of you i have know Jaisen for many years and he himself is a man with great talent. I am friends with Ana on facebook and look forward to seeing her pictures and wonderful words of motivation as well as the pictures of her BEAUTIFUL granddaughter (who could bring a smile to any face). I so enjoy the culture she often shares. Looking forward to seeing more beautiful pictures, tips and thoughts. I love the questions and answers about each one of you. Here is my favorite thought from a old lady. BEAUTY is in the eye of the BEHOLDER. GOD bleesed us ALL with a beautiful heart but its up to us on how we use it. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR BLOG. You never know how it might touch someones LIFE.

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