So it has been some time since my last post, sorry I have been MIA!  I want to start by saying thank you for all your responses and support on my big announcement!  We are super excited and cannot wait for our adventure to begin!

As I also mentioned in my last post, I have been pretty busy with work, hence my absence from the blog.  I have been flying back and forth between NY and Pittsburgh and also went to St. Louis and Kansas City.  All the travel is kind of cool, but it gets old pretty quickly.  Since I’ve started working on this project a month ago, I’ve been on 14 flights including a few layovers, delays and even a plane that took off and had to return to the airport due to technical difficulties (yeah that one was a little nerve racking).  Luckily for me, I am able to stay in one of the furnished apartments that the project is leasing in Pittsburgh.  I don’t have to pack and lug all my things with me every time I travel, I can do my laundry, cook dinner at night, workout at the gym and to top it off, the apartments are located in downtown Pittsburgh so there are things to do after work (though to be honest, I haven’t done much).

All that being said, I try to stay organized and prepared in order to feel and be at my best.  If possible, I pack breakfast and lunch to take with me to work the night before.  I always carry healthy snacks with me for the long stints at the airport.  I am horrible at drinking water, but have been making a conscience effort to stay hydrated and bring my water bottle with me at all times.  I try to work out in the mornings since I usually do not want to do anything after a 10+ hour day at the office.  I also try and get at least 7 hours of sleep at night.  Of course there are those days or even weeks where I do not do any of that, but I try to keep it as consistent as possible.

In the midst of long work hours, airports and stress, I still have been having a little fun.  I got to see family in Kansas City, we’ve had family come visit us in NY, and Hoch made it out to Pittsburgh one weekend and we got to explore a bit.

If you haven’t been to Pittsburgh, I will start by saying the downtown has a lot of bridges.  My first time driving into downtown from the tunnel was pretty cool (ahem I am a bridge engineer).  I sent this snap that doesn’t do it any justice, but wanted to share anyways.

Call me maybe?

Here are some pictures of the fun stuff from the last few weeks.

Friday Evening Bar Crawl – NYC
Only in NYC
The Hoodie Gang – Brunch in Hoboken
St. Patrick’s Day Roof Top Patio – Pittsburgh
Sunday Run – Pittsburgh
Visiting my extended family in Kansas City!
We tried to take a #selfie. Can you tell she is my mama’s sister?
At the MET with our cousin Abi
Way too many people – Time Square
Delina and Dana came to visit NYC!
Salvation Taco, NYC

It has definitely been an exhausting month with a lot of travel, work, family, and fun.  I am looking forward to relaxing and not doing much of anything tomorrow for Easter Sunday. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!



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