rabbit hole

Good Day Mates! It’s 6:12am on this Tuesday morning and I believe I’m way over due for a blog post. Life has been ……..body slamming me lately but I keep getting back up and slamming it back. (Or so I tell myself) To save you from all the gore, I’m directing this post strictly and particularly to my photography or in this case, my “iphoneography.” Iphoneography are photos taken with an iPhone. (Just incase you didn’t already know.)

So a little short story that provoked this idea of a post: I was in the store a few weeks back with my mama and my Miss Sassy Pants, Evelet. Evelet started getting a little agitated sitting in the buggie (or shopping cart as many of you call it) so I grabbed my phone like many parents do when their little one is about to make a scene and hopped on youtube to pull up “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” As soon as that little rascal realized what I was doing, stars were in her eyes and there was a halo over her curly haired head and she smiled and grunted while reaching for my phone. I hit play, handed it to her and apparently didn’t have good service because the stupid “hot dog dance” started glitching. And yep, you guessed it. Suddenlty, those stars, that halo and precious smile all together disappeared and BAM, my iPhone 6 plus was face down on the concrete floor. She threw it! And like a little brat too! So mommy grew horns and smoke started coming from my nose as I picked up my $800 device to the world to discover it had been shattered. And I’m not talking about a few cracks. You couldn’t swipe the screen without bleeding to death. (Deep breath…..deeeeep breath..) Whatever, right? It’s just a phone and I have insurance so WHAT. EVER. It’s FINE. Moving along, I take my butt to the Apple Store a couple nights later. I waited my turn, they took my phone back and after having random conversations with complete strangers at Apple and Sephora for like ever, they tell me my device cannot be fixed. I prepared for this and had already backed my phone up to my cloud so was okay when they gave me a brand new iPhone 6 plus. It’s a school night people. I had to get home to my babies and go to bed. So that was that.

It was kind of nice starting out on clean slate. I could never bring myself to delete so much content of videos and photos and was always running out of storage on my old phone. I felt awkwardly free. Like a weight had been lifted. It’s just content anyway. And it’s in my imaginary cloud! It’s cool. Starting over….

As the days progressed, I started to think about random pictures I “always had on phone” but no longer had access to. So here comes another short story. When I started sharing my photography back in nursing school (2008-2010) on Facebook, I remember feeling super vulnerable. This was my ART. Fragments of time I CAPTURED. They were MINE. And to show my weirdness was so…….exploiting. Or something… And photography wasn’t really booming back then either. At first, I remember sharing photos I thought others would like and then slowly unraveling into sharing photos that I just loved and didn’t care who liked them. Let my weird flag fly.

Jumping back to my empty iPhone story. I had a bunch of random and “weird” photos I never shared but could never delete either. And you know how I felt? In one word, I felt: Regret. A little voice inside me was like, “Stephanie Denise RAMSEY, SHAME ON YOU for never sharing your weirdness.” So you know what I did? I listened to that little voice. I sure did. I fetched my weirdness from my cloud and filtered them using one of my favorite apps called 1967 and…..here I am today. (

Every photo has it’s own unique story but maybe I’ll keep those parts to myself for now.

In conclusion, it’s funny what little disasters turn into. I know you’ve probably heard this before but seriously, dance like no one is watching. So what if you think you’re weird. I know I am and that’s perfectly fine with me. So let go! Fall into the rabbit hole and embrace your weirdness. I’ll see you at the bottom.


Love and Light,



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