Hi friends. Hope all is well!!

As many of you already know, my sister and Hoch came down to NC last week to spend time with family and friends. If you haven’t read the scoop, check out Kimberly’s post here.

My mother and I had to work (insert sad face here) while they were here but the time we did get to spend together was fabulous as always. And to top it off, my grandma and her boyfriend Wilson came to visit from Wilmington.

Saturday, my sister rounded up a group of friends and family to spend the day at VBGB Beer Hall & Garden in Charlotte. It’s so crazy how times have changed. They had young bucks playing volley ball in the sand and it took me back to Kimberly’s college days at NCSU. We didn’t play of course but it did take me back. We were once those kids and now we’re raising babies and nieces and nephews and having friends getting married and having babies or having babies and not getting married and you know what?…… I think it’s pretty awesome…where we’re at in life. I wouldn’t change a thing and I’m pretty sure most would agree. 🙂

Moving along, let me remind those of you who don’t know that I’m #1, a light weight because I never drink. #2, a happy drunk because how angry and drunk can belong in the same sentence together is beyond me and #3, I LOVE day drinking. It’s the best.

These photos are all from Saturday at VBGB Beer Hall & Garden and String Bean except the tail end; they are from Sunday. They are REALLY random (like myself and particularly when I’m happily buzzed) and most of them are taken by myself unless otherwise noted.

Before I share the photos, I want to wish my sister and The Hoch a safe, happy and surreal 6 month “vacay.” I feel like the coolest sister ever because MY sissy is traveling the world for 6 months… Like, who does that? SHE does. And I admire her everyday for never denying her gypsy soul’s desires to be wild and free. You GO girl. You GO! And bring me back a cool rock or a seashell or something. (winks) p.s. Te amo

IMG_5385Mi hermano.IMG_5399AdaIMG_5402Grandma’s kissesIMG_5420And I’m randomIMG_5422🙂IMG_5447That girl loves her LulaIMG_5466Danielle and her princessIMG_5499Ada’sIMG_5500Miss SassyIMG_5509Evelet loving AdaIMG_5515Uncle David the gr8IMG_5535Can you tell they’re sisters?IMG_5540Hoch always happy when I have my camera in his face. IMG_5546MonkIMG_5568Struttin’ IMG_5608Kimberly’s WolfPack frans Robert and Danielle and their little nugget AdaIMG_5624Katie (my nursing school classmate) and her little man Kingston.IMG_5630hiIMG_5651Let the buzz beginIMG_5661The best of the bunchIMG_5675David capturing candid momentsIMG_5701Evelet and her great Grandma.  PC: DavidIMG_5702Love this shot… PC: DavidIMG_5729Cool kidIMG_5788Joe, Kimberly, Maher and HochIMG_5798And away she goes..over and over again. IMG_5819Hey cutieIMG_5872Daddy’s girlIMG_5882Me and Grandma trying to steal the show… PC: KatieIMG_5890My beautiful family. PC: KatieIMG_5918It’s not so bad being the middle child when I’m in the middle of these two. I would be so vanilla without them. LOS RAMSEYS. PC: KatieIMG_5920I kind of love how perfectly “imperfect” we are… PC: David or Katie….maybe?IMG_6039Those Egyptian eyes…IMG_6117I’m looking at you through the glass.IMG_6198My heart smiles to see her like this….. IMG_6218The Kimberly I know.IMG_6277Love my mama’s hands. PC: DavidIMG_6343Mother’s Day!!!! Fact: everytime Evelet sees a cupcake or cake, she sings Happy Birthday. Every. Single. Time. IMG_6367My baby and my mommy…Mother’s Day 2016. PC: JaisenIMG_6391With the fairies in our backyard. PC: DavidIMG_6399Ever thine. Ever Mine. Ever Ours. IMG_6477They say no love compares to the love between a Mother and her Son… I’ll take “their” word for it. 😉  No seriously, David is the kind of son who makes you want one. #rarityIMG_6484She would keep him forever.. Little does she know she already does.IMG_6567Mine.

That’s all for now folks. In conclusion, I have a little clip I’d like to share in honor of the globe trotters…..

Love and Light,

Stephanie Ramsey

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