Party of 3

Hey friends! Hope this post finds you well. I also hope everyone is keeping up with Kimberly’s posts. I get so anxious when she posts because I’m never in a position to read them right away. I like to be in solitude and take my time with them. When I read her posts, I read them in her voice. I can’t help it. She made me laugh out loud talking about the “Ajeummas” looking a little ridiculous. And the fact that her phone was on airplane mode and that app still worked was sketchy! And the dinosaur foot prints!!! Think about it. That’s crazy cool. This is all from this post. Excited to read about Japan next!!


I wanted to share a quick post of what my party of 3 did on Memorial Day. Jaisen and I decided to take Evelet to Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC. This is like a drive through zoo folks. It’s pretty inexpensive and Evelet flipping out over all the animals was PRICELESS. You can buy a bucket of food (or 3 in our case), roll down your windows, stay on the track provided and feed the animals as you go. I visited the website to see exactly what animals they had but there isn’t a list…So I’ll give it my best shot by saying we saw llamas, zebras, pigs, giraffes, goats….maybe, ostrich looking things, brown looking cows with huge horns…and something in the deer family.

It was a holiday and everyone and their brother was there but we still had a good time. Evelet mainly sat in Daddy’s lap and I was all over the place and out the sun roof. My favorite part was feeding the giraffe. We had a bond. I think it was a female. I stood out of the sunroof of my jeep to feed her. She was so close to the camera, I barely got a shot of her whole head.

After the drive through, we washed our hands and played with Evelet on the slides followed by ice cream followed by heading home. We had a good time….my party of 3.


And of course I snap chat attacked along the way…here’s a little clip of our adventure. 🙂

Love and Light,


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