Saludos desde Colombia!

Hola everyone! It’s been a month since my last post and I don’t know where the time went…

But needless to say, I am currently in Colombia South America staying with my Dad and immersing myself in the Colombian culture!

My Dad has been living in Colombia for almost two years. This is my third time in Colombia.

My dad used to live in the heart of Medellin (second largest city in Colombia). But after some research he decided to move outside the valley of Medellin and into one of the neighboring cities called Rionegro.

In Rionegro is a smaller subtown called San Antonio. And that’s where I am living right now. San Antonio is about 6800 ft. above sea level and the equator runs through Colombia. So the weather here is damn near perfect (for me 🙂 year around.

One of the main reasons I decided to come here is to learn Spanish!

I know myself well enough that I won’t learn Spanish in the States. I need to be surrounded by Spanish speakers and their culture.

I use a language app called Duolingo which is helpful… been watching a lot of basic Spanish tutorials on youtube and have google translate on my phone…

But ALL that goes out the window once I engage in a Spanish speaking conversation jajaja

It’s frustrating and hard at times but I remind myself that it’s apart of the growing pains that one needs to go through in order to learn anything new.

I’ve been here for a few weeks and my ear is already adjusting to the native tongue.

The people here are very nice and helpful. I’ve met some new friends. One of which who used to live in San Antonio, Texas for a few years and speaks Spanish and English very well. His name is Matteo and he has been helping me a lot with translations and any questions I have about Colombia and etc..

Below are a compilation of pics and short snapchat clips…


My Dad, friends Scott, Bill, and yours truly at a local Pizza spot.


snapchat: Ramseydashiznit


Vegetarian meal on point!!! Delicioso 😛

Watching Colombia play in a tournament! GOALLLLLLLL!!!

This is a photo of Medellin. Es hermoso
The quad gym I joined! Tres Pisos!

Gym music es bueno



Nature trail ten minute walk from mi casa!


At a birthday party con mi padre!


Colombians know how to party.

Polaroid pic with new friends on left, me, Matteo


Gracias por leer. Voy a trabajar duro en el aprendizaje del espanol y los mantendre informado de todo!




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