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Hello friends! I’m just going to jump right by wishing every daddy out there a Happy Father’s Day! ESPECIALLY my Jaisen and my Daddy. 🙂

In a nutshell, Jaisen’s birthday is June 18th (Gemini) and fell on Saturday….the day before Father’s Day, June 19th. Every year for Jaisen’s birthday, he wants to do one thing and one thing only. Go fishing at the beach. That man has more rods and reels than anyone I know. He loves any body of water but his craving for the salt water never fails on his birthday. I love the beach myself so of course, I was all for it. We have this little place we call our spot in Kure Beach, NC. It’s right below Wilmington….about 30 minutes from my grandmothers. I like Kure Beach because it has the same feel as Wilmington (or Wrightsville Beach), just not as over populated. It’s perfect. Unfortunately, the weather was not. It was pretty but SO WINDY. Especially Saturday and Sunday. Lay your towels down and they were covered in sand shortly after. My poor birthday boy attempted to fish once but the wind was too strong. It was okay because we came home Sunday and pretty much went straight to the Jaisen’s father’s house on the Catawba River. The sunset was the perfect ending to our weekend.

When I was pregnant, Jaisen and I lived with his father to save some moo-lah for our new family. It’s never “easy” living with parents but Nabil (Jaisen’s father) has always treated me like one of his own and made me feel at home. We stayed in the basement portion of the house which is the water front (and best spot). Sunday night’s sunset gave me nostalgia. The river is literally the “back yard.” I remember being pregnant and sitting home alone while Jaisen was working but never really feeling alone. You never feel alone when you have a body of water by you. It’s so therapeutic to just sit out there by it. I could tell Jaisen felt some similar type of way when I glanced over at him Sunday evening. The look in his eyes combined with his silence and relaxed demeanor…sitting with his fingers folded in his lap like he always does when he’s “home.” We are very fortunate to be able to come and go as we please.

There I went on a tangent…. anyways, Evelet’s God Mother (and one of my best friends in the entire universe) Suzanne came to fish as well as our friend Matt. Going fishing honestly consists of everyone else fishing and me staying on top of Evelet. She’s easy to please though. Put some music on and she’s ready to show out. She loves hanging out with the adults…and she’s really starting to take to Suzanne or as we call her: Suzi. Evelet is like a cat. She has to come to you on her own time and at her own pace. She doesn’t embrace many adults outside the immediate family realm but she sure does love her some Suzi. It’s precious. Speaking of my little cub….she is going through a phase where she does NOT want mommy. She is a hard core Daddy’s girl most of the time these days…especially when she’s “sun-downing.” That’s what I call it…that time after dinner but before bed and nothing satisfies her because she’s getting sleepy. I want to be like: You know who gained 70 pounds and carried your 9.1 lbs butt around in her belly for 9 days past your due date?…………………. But like I said, she’s like a cat. And she’s mine and although it hurts sometimes, I know I’m her world just like Daddy is too…and just like she is ours. Last night while I was trying to fold laundry, she kept reaching out for me and saying “Mommy.” You best believe I held that 36 pound (YES, 36) 22 month old while folding clothes. Soak it up while you can, right?

I was able to capture several moments over the weekend. The ones with me in it were obviously taken by the birthday boy and Father of the year. I love this type of photography. Capturing my world the way I see it and sharing it just so. My photos are pretty random as always. I’m beginning to think that’s my signature. Hope you all enjoy but lastly and most importantly, I hope You had the best birthday and Father’s Day weekend Jaisen. I love you so much.



Love and Light,


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