Hola! Hope all is well in your world! I have to start this post by saying #1, it’s not one of my usual posts. It’s work related. Yes “work.” Before I dive into that, I would like to take a moment to talk about something I’m super passionate about.

I’ll start this section of my blog with a quote I overheard that really resonated with me…

    “The success of every single woman is the inspiration of another.”                                                       -Diane Von Furstenberg

Since I’ve taken this leap of faith on this new journey, I have noticed there are two types of females out there. Those who are happy for you and those who are not. I honestly don’t understand why females “hate” on others. I imagine I never will because I am not one of those females. I am happy for the success of other women. We have it hard. We do. We have that time of the month once a month, we carry babies, we make less, we’re not taken as seriously as professionals and so on. Don’t believe me, do some research for yourself. It’s true. So when I see another woman succeed, in my head I’m like “You GO girl!” A few of my co-women who I have been inspired by their success would be (to name a few):

Melissa Hess who is jack of all trades, slaying the corporate world while teaching pilates and selling the hell out of Rodan and Fields. She has the best advice and she SHARES that advice. We both knew we met one another for a reason bigger than our initial encounter.

Then there is Kenzy Cunningham who took a leap of faith in liquor sales for a brand new liquor company called Starr Rum. Kenzy has one of those personalities you want to linger around. She deserves her own tv show. She is a wonderful woman and any person who doesn’t see that is point blank blind.

Let’s not forget Champa Ashlee. We worked together at Mez back in the day when I was bartending and she was cocktail waitressing. She is now a boss (and I mean a fierce Leo Boss) at eyelash extensions and makeup artistry to say the least. She owns her own company and is located in Huntersville, NC.

There’s also Jaime Cittadino. We met when I was bartending at Bubble and she was new to Charlotte. On a crazy Saturday night she was next up to get served and the first thing I said to her was how much I loved her brows and a friendship unraveled from there. She is a “new” mommy like myself, works full time and someone I have witnessed start her fashion based blog from scratch and build it to this crazy empire!

I’d also like to commend my girl Crystal Holland. She is also a “new” mommy like myself and left the corporate world to blow everyone away selling Younique makeup! I love watching now her videos…she just keeps going. When she puts her mind on something, consider it done.

Lastly is my old friend who has awakened her old passion for photography; Hilary Koon. She’s a mommy to Evelet’s future BFF as well! As many of you know, I am a photographer myself and although she calls me her mentor, I look at it as being a friend. Friends don’t compete. Women don’t compete… I’m so proud of you Hilawee.

Here’s just a few career driven women who inspire me!!! We are the ones who get the fans after we succeed except by those few who really believed in us all along. I want each of you reading this to know that just because “no one” believes in you doesn’t mean I don’t. You, my friend, are enough. You can do this. You will do this. Continue doing this. Consider it done.

Furthermore, I have taken a leap of faith myself and left nursing (for now) and am doing 3D Microblading. I’m technically a Tattoo Artist who tattoos people’s faces!!! Cool right?! Really, their brows. Whoever said having a baby was like getting a tattoo on your face never got 3D microbladed. I will provide some before and afters but for more info, check out my website at which also leads to my Facebook and Instagram pages. 🙂

IMG_4086IMG_4092IMG_4216 2IMG_4234IMG_4505IMG_4688IMG_4716FullSizeRender


If you mention this blog post, I will grant you 40% off your treatment. ($240 in savings)

And since this post is about empowering other women creating their own paths, I’d like to share my facial experience via my snapchat attack video with y’all. You can find Mackenzie Price at William Henry Salon in Mt. Holly. (Where I’m located too) Mention this post and receive 20% off your 60 or 30 minute facial.

I also put together a little clip of what I do as well.

Hope all of you enjoy and I really hope this posts reminds us women to stick together. And to top this post off, why bring anything to the table when you can buy the table in the first place!?! #boom

Love and light,

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