Colombia pics

I was drugged last last Friday.

Needless to say I don’t remember much.

I was at a place I’ve been to a few times so I felt good there.

Was with friends but went solo just long enough to get hit with a common drug known here in South America. It blacks you out and in some cases you do what you are told. The thieves can take what they want.

I remember the guys face.

I don’t want to see him again.

I woke up on Sunday dazed and confused. My dad said I came home at 7am. The club closes at 2am.

I was in my room vomiting all Saturday (don’t remember).

They stole my iphone, gold necklace that belonged to my great grand father. It was the chain for his pocket watch. My mom has his watch in NC.

Side of my face next to my left eye, the skin was scraped and I had a cut high on my left cheek bone. It didn’t look like I was punched. Think I fell down and hit my face.

Who knows.

I don’t want my mom or anyone to freak out. I learned my lesson. Can’t say it won’t happen again… because I’m not going to let this stop me from going out and enjoying myself. Just need to be a lot more careful and never go by myself.

I remember the guy being nice. I remember him buying me a beer. I remember thinking “ah I met a nice person in Colombia..”

Because of what happened I now have my guard up even higher. Is that a good thing?

I want to be able to trust others, but unfortunately some people ruin that for others. They take advantage.

I do hope karma’s a bitch.

Ok on to the next 😀

Been taking photos on my Canon t3i of my surrounding areas and farm lands (La Finca is The Farm).

Also been working a lot with my Gymnastic rings and have been posting videos on YouTube: Ramsey’s Raw.

I am going to be talking about my workout movement routines, my “diet” (vegan”), and other stuff I find interesting.

But in the mean time here are some unedited pics I took on my camera:



Me gusta esta photo
Aguila (A popular Colombian beer)
I see you
tomar un taxi



Downtown Rionegro La Iglesia
side shot
donde esta mi padre?
Amos los perros
321 ir
All vegetarian meals
boarder line creepy pic
el puente rojo
you’ll never know his face
Colombian side streets
The eye’s never lie. This beauty wanted out
La Finca
the matrix

Also want to tell all my family and friends that I love you all very much!

Grateful for all of life’s lessons.

Hasta luego,



6 thoughts on “Colombia pics

  1. Sorry to about what happened to you but glad you’re okay. There are some bad people in the world but I still believe there are more good than bad. life is short so enjoy it kiddo!

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  2. Hi David, I am glad you are okay. I am praying for you. Be very careful. May God bless you, protect you and guide you.


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