her beautiful Lula

Hi friends. Today I’m talking about two very important ladies in my life. My mommy and my baby. I believe I’m speaking for most if not all mothers when I say becoming a mother is like someone removing a veil from your eyes. It’s like the colors are richer. Everything you see is simply different. Every. Thing. One of my favorite (and most interesting) things to observe is my mother and my baby interact. Call me biased but Evelet is a lovable girl. You meet her, you fall in love. End of story. And my mother casts the same spell on those around her. (Wonder where Evelet gets it from ;)) I cannot imagine what kind of mother I would be with out my mama. And to see her as a grandma (or a Lula as Evelet calls her) is such a beautiful thing to see.

Random fact: When we were growing up, my family always said I’d be the first to get married and have a baby. Well, they got the baby part right considering none of us are married (yet).

Anyways, it fills my heart with joy to the point of wanting to explode when I feel how my mother loves her “Evelita.” They say “perfect love sometimes doesn’t come until the first grandchild.” After seeing my mother blossom into a grandmother the way she has, I think that may be true. Here’s some fun photos taken Sunday of my untamable haired baby girl and her beautiful Lula (who still looks great in shorts)!

Enjoy and here’s to Evelet’s Lula. Love you mama. Thank you for loving so unconditionally. “Tu muñeca linda, simpatica y alta..”


Something funky was going on with Evelet’s diaper and it cracked me up watching Lula fix it…. haha


Love and Light,



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