Hey y’all! Long time no see… the months have flown by and I have plenty of content to share since my last post BUT I wanted to share a very special post to start my blog posts back again.

My best friends Jennifer and Ivory Craig had their gender reveal party last weekend. Here’s my perception of the day in a nutshell. I must say, I guess a girl prior to the reveal. I had to see Jen before deciding so instead of wearing pink or blue, I wore mustard yellow and brought a pink and blue bracelet to put on after my decision. It didn’t take me long…. I just had to see her in here raw self… which to me, indicated a girl because she looked like she had a secret.

We are SO happy for y’all. I’m so glad I was able to capture pieces of the day it became that much more REAL.

Dear Penelope,

You are so loved angel baby. Mommy and Daddy are your biggest fans from and to the end of time. Patiently awaiting your grand entrance into our world sweet love… See you.


Love and Light,


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