To the moon

Happy Hump Day friends! Today is glorioussss because I get to share something very special with you! But first, I would like to commend my wonderful sister. I am so proud of her. Period. And I am so happy she gets to literally chase her dreams. If you haven’t read her last post about the new chapter she is about to take on (like a boss), go check it out. Our mama always said when we were babies, we skipped crawling and went straight to walking. I think Kimberly went straight to running. She’s a gypsy. Untamable, wild and free. I’ve always looked up to her and she continuously gives me every reason to do so. 🙂 Furthermore, The Hoch is a pretty cool cat. I am happy he gets join Kimberly on her magic carper ride. The pic of them face timing Evelet and myself was from January right before we were supposed visit NYC….. but got snowed in instead.

So about that very special something I get to share with you…. This past weekend, I did a little bit of traveling myself. Nothing crazy far away but it was a whole lot of crazy fun. I went to Asheville, NC to celebrate one of my very best friend’s bachelorette party! Her name is Jennifer Leigh Deese (aka JD) and she’s such an amazing soul. She’s one of those rare breeds. You know, that girl everyone knows (or wants to know)…that girl whose smile is captivating and laugh is contagious. She’s just awesome. I love her to the moon and beyond.

To avoid from getting all sappy, (because it’s bound to happen) I’m going to jump back to her bachelorette weekend getaway. I didn’t arrive to the nice cozie cabin we rented until late Friday night. All of the festivities took place Saturday and I had to leave for a continuing education class in Matthews early Sunday morning. (I know, right?) So basically, Saturday was one for the books. We had brunch and did one of my favorite things in the world: DAY DRINKING. In the sunshine on a beer tasting tour? Yes please. Following that, we headed back to the cabin, danced a lot and devoured pizza, had her lingerie party and went out to her favorite piano bar that night. (In which I discontinued drinking and began pounding water)

Okay, time out: I’m just going to throw it out there that I’m not a big drinker. BUT, I love beer. All beers.

Light weight + beer tour + sunshine  = happyyyyyy Stephanie.

I am a photographer by pure passion and brought my camera but didn’t really use it. I decided to give another form of “art” a try so I made a video with my iPhone. I used the app called Splice. It’s free and super user friendly. It’s like snapchat stories you get to keep!

Oh yeah, the story behind the song chosen for the video: everyone was singing it. And dancing on sidewalks to it…or while walking… or while attempting to do both. So it worked out…..perfectly. 

So without further adieu, here’s #DeucesToDeese ‘s Bachelorette Weekend Video through My eyes…. Eeeeeeeeee!!! Hope you enjoy. (Especially you JD)

Love and Light,


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