Sunday Funday Gym Sesh

I thought it was about time to add a fitness post to our blog!

Being healthy and active is an important part of my life. It gives structure to my day and helps relieve unwanted stress along with several other benefits!

Kimberly and I usually do our own thing when it comes to working out. Today we decided to mix it up and combine what we each like to do and workout together!

I joined a local gym here in Hoboken and have been going regularly and Kimberly has been traveling a lot so she has been working out on the road.

Since she was home this weekend, she tagged along as my guest for our Sunday Funday gym sesh.

We both suggested different exercises and alternated between our ideas.

Our workout went like this:

  1. Smith machine Barbell Squats combined with dumbbell shoulder presses and lateral raises for 3 working sets.
  2. Smith machine Barbell bent over rows with V-sits (core) for 3 sets.
  3. Smith machine Barbell flat bench press with single leg pistol squats (assisted) for 3 rounds.
  4. Treadmill Tabata intervals. 20 seconds running hard, 10 seconds recover X 8 rounds.
  5. Circuit of pull-ups,  tricep dips, and leg raises for 3 rounds.
  6. Finished off with some hip thrusters and light yoga stretching.

Reps ranged from 10-15 per set.

We decided to try out the Splice app that Stephanie mentioned in this post.  Here is a fun video of our workout.

Hope you like the video and that it inspires you to add a little fitness to your daily life.


ps: Those one armed pull up are no joke 😉

pss: Try this workout at your own discretion. And before beginning any new workout/nutrition plan, please consult with your doctor and always listen to your body.



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