Some Weekly Eats

It is officially starting to feel like spring here in NYC!  Of course it is just in time for our last week and a half here, but I will take it!  Yesterday was in the mid-70s and Hoch and I took advantage by meeting up with some of our favorite New Yorkers in Central Park for a lovely picnic.  I don’t know about y’all, but I have this new-found love for picnics, they are pretty awesome.  And oh do we know how to picnic, the spread was legit.

We snacked on cold cuts, olives, truffle cheese, bagels with smoked salmon, egg salad, a 5 cheese greek pastry, fruit, chocolate covered almonds and more.  Oh and of course we had iced coffee, mimosas and kalimoxto (cheap red wine and coke, we first tried this in Spain).   It.was.perfect.

The spread – Before
The Aftermath – the poor carrots didn’t get any love

After we stuffed our faces, we decided to head to The Boat Basin Cafe for a couple of drinks before calling it a day.  It is a casual, outdoor restaurant and patio right on the Hudson River.  We grabbed a bucket of beers and enjoyed hanging out and watching the sunset.  It was a nice way to end the weekend. 🙂

Hoch, me, Scott and Jess at the Boat Basin

I thought for the rest of this post, since I have food on the brain, I would share some of my weekly eats.  I’ve already mentioned in previous posts how I try to eat somewhat healthier during the week and how I pack my breakfast and lunches in advance.  I like to change it up from week to week to keep it somewhat interesting, but definitely have my favorites too.

Lately, I’ve been on this kick where I make some sort of breakfast cookies, cake or bread to have for breakfast for the week.  It helps speed up my mornings since all I need to do is pack it and heat it up once I get to work.

Last week I made this delicious breakfast cake: blueberry cream cheese coffee cake

Dessert for Breakfast? OK!

Lunch prep usually consists of a lean protein, brown rice or quinoa and salad, so it is not as exciting as breakfast for me.  Last week, I pre-made a few massaged kale salads (first salad in the link) with chicken (no picture of this).  It was OK, the kale was good, but the chicken was blah.  I think whenever I cook chicken, I just find it boring.  Every now and then I season it right, but this week it was somewhat of a fail.  One thing that was not a fail was the dressing in that link.  Mash half of an avocado, 1 tsp of almond butter, soy sauce, garlic powder and cayenne pepper.  Just do it.  It is a little on the thicker side, but it tastes amazing.

Speaking of dressings/sauces, I have another one you need to try.  Hoch and I usually take turns cooking dinner.  We have a few quicker meals in the rotation for when we don’t feel like spending too much time in the kitchen.  Bang Bang Shrimp is one of those since the shrimp is fast, we add whatever sides we want, and we LOVE the sauce.  Combine equal parts of mayo and Thai chili sauce along with sriracha to your liking.  Seriously, we make this like every other week.

Bang Bang Shrimp

Below are some of my planned eats for this week:

Strawberry Lemon Oat Bread

Chicken and quinoa salads with tomatoes, goat cheese and ranch (yeah I’m not perfect)

Sunday Meal Prep (I need to work on my chicken skills)

This will get me thru lunch on Wednesday.  I will most likely go out to eat for the rest of the week, especially my last day on Friday!

Packed Lunches – Layer the greens on top, dressing in one corner, so they don’t get soggy.  Shake in the container when ready to eat!

On the other hand, my workouts have been something like this…..


Hahah 🙂  To bust out of my no workout rut, I am planning to go to a hot yoga class tomorrow, supposedly there will be live acoustic music during the class.  I am curious to see how that goes.

Enjoy your week!


P.S. I did not mention any weekly snacks above, but don’t think that I don’t have any!  I’d be a hangry B without them!

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