Nikita & Anana

Hi friends!

Hope all is well. Just a real quick post to get the day going…. So I must confess, I am pretty stoked my brother is back in NC! Kimberly and The Hoch are coming in just a couple weeks and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Last weekend, Jaisen, my brother and I took Evelet to the zoo in Asheboro, NC. This is my third trip to this zoo (and Evelet’s as well). The older she gets, the more fun everything gets. I think she was most amazed at the lions… particularly when daddy lion relocated from one cat nap location to another. (Go figure..that little Leo loves Simba and The Lion King)

I had been a little bummed because the last two times we went because the polar bear was in no mood to come out and play. In January, the zoo added a new addition to their collection of animals… another polar bear named Nikita. He is 9 years old and joined the 16 year old female, Anana, who was always hiding out during our previous trips. I read that the zoo hopes to breed the two “nanooks” (means polar bear in Native America AND is the name of our german shepherd). I was very thrilled to see both polar bear!! I’m not sure which one it was but one was putting on a show…. Not sure if that show was for us or the other bear either but he or she was very entertaining.

Fact: Only 60 polar bears are on exhibit in the United States according to

During our trip, Jaisen, my brother and myself all had the camera for some portion of time… Me mostly but here’s a little perception from each set of eyes.

Photos by Me:



Photos by Jaisen:


Photos by David:


Love and Light,


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