in a nutshell

Hey friends! Hope all is well in your world…

Not too much going on at my end of the world except for work work work. If you know me, you know I never stop. (Although work isn’t really “work” to me considering I love what I do…)

I did somehow create the time to make this sweet video of my 26 month old baby who has turned into a little girl overnight. I started recording (with my iPhone 6+) with intention Friday evening and compiled what I had yesterday during nap time. So it’s all from this weekend…we did nothing “special” but this is probably the most beautiful video I’ve ever created. It’s just her being Her…

That’s why life is so precious. Because time passes…leaving us wanderlust and breathless with only fragments of images left fuzzy in our heads. The saying “now or never” has never held so much depth until I became saturated with the beauty of motherhood. My Aunt Delina once told me I would understand why my mom is so crazy after I became one. So I finally get it. I finally see… in a nutshell, this little video is a tiny glimpse of it.

To my dearest darling….. #ily 



3 thoughts on “in a nutshell

  1. This is so precious, Stephanie! I know what you mean about the passage of time, especially as a mother. It’s just slipping through our fingers.

    What did you use to compile your videos with music? I wish I did more of that. I record her constantly but haven’t really put it together in any sort of artful way.

    Thanks for sharing this and all of the other great content from the sweet Ramsey family!

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