While in Colombia

I fly back to Florida this Wednesday, November the 16th then fly up to North Carolina the 20th just in time to start Thanksgiving week with my family that I miss very very much right now.

Kimberly will be visiting Colombia for her birthday next month but unfortunately I won’t be here for her visit since my tourist visa will be maxed out by the time she arrives :/

I will be able to return to Colombia January 2017.

Below are some pictures to show what’s been happening lately in Colombia…


 Guatape Colombia 7000 plus feet elevation
Me, Dad and with good friend Scott
View from mall in Cartagena Colombia
Colombian style… This historic house/church is on top of a little mountain in Cartagena
View from historic house overlooking Cartagena Colombia
Scott and Dad 
inside looking out
i like this picture
In Cartagena 
el gato 
hard worker
Sunset in Cartagena taken from taxi
View from Scott’s apartment 
Placed 2nd in my first Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition in Armenia Colombia
With my teammates and new friends 

Looking forward to seeing my family and friends back in the states and want to find a jiu-jitsu gym in the Charlotte area so that I can keep training. I’m enjoying BJJ because it’s a tough sport and once you train something that is difficult and challenging it puts “life” into perspective. Things that I would get upset over before don’t get underneath my skin anymore. I am learning to be patient and trust my inner guidance. I am learning how to surrender, which is easier said then done. Especially in the world we live in.. it’s all about power, dominance and control. By learning how to surrender (learning to let go) you realize how much you are actually attracting in your life. It’s all a beautiful cycle. Thanks for reading 🙂

till the next one,





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