more than closely

Hey Fam & Friends!

I have FINALLY stolen a moment to finish editing Evelet’s 2016 Christmas photos. As you will be able to see, we started off with a flower crown before the whimsical child threw it off. The dress was absolutely to die for (courtesy of Etsy) and I was so happy to capture her being her loving life, free spirited self. She’s been sick for quite some time and after a couple shots of antibiotics, her healthy self emerging in these photos reminded me of how little she is….how she doesn’t understand WHY she didn’t feel good…and when she feels better….she doesn’t reflect on her past. She drops it and flees forward because all she knows how to be is happy. I think that is something admirable in a person (no matter how big or small). We can learn a lot from our babies when we watch more than closely.. when we see past accomplishments and milestones….when we truly observe their means of existence… no matter what is going on in the world as anyone knows it…

Who knew I would learn so much about LIFE from my own baby?

So here she is… My happy girl, Christmas 2016. Oh, and a couple of the newest addition to our family… our Great Dane puppy Jericho Ramsey Mohamed. 🙂


Much love,


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