Birthday in Colombia

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays as much as I have.  I’ve been all over the place trying to see everyone as well as figure out what is next for Hoch and me now that our travels are over.  I will keep you posted on what we decide once we figure it out.

For now, I thought I’d share some photos from my time in Colombia.  After Thanksgiving, I flew down to Medellin, Colombia to visit my dad.  He has been living there for 2 years and is loving it.  I also found out that one of my best friends, Lina (who is Colombian) was going to be visiting her family at the same time I was there.  So we immediately made plans to visit her in her hometown of Bucaramanga for almost a week of my 2 week stay.  She and her mom loved having us and showing us around (Thank you Lina and Luz!).  Overall, the trip was a mix of family, friends, city, nature, finca (her family’s country home), salsa dancing, Spanish, and day boozing.  So pretty much all of my favorite things!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip:

My dad and me (see where we get our height from, he is 6′-5″!)
One of many decorated houses for the “dia de las velitas” (day of little candles), a Catholic holiday that celebrates the immaculate conception
Parque Arvi outside of Medellin
One of many festive and decorated parks in Medellin
A random photo from the finca that my dad wanted to show me outside of Medellin. I loved the look of this kitchen.
View from our San Gil AirBnb

Some pictures from our hike to see Cascadas (waterfall) Juan Curi:


The coolest trees in Parque Gallineral, San Gil

Some photos from la finca in La Mesa de los Santos:


Picking fruit from their garden!
One of many delicious home cooked meals at the finca (including fresh squeezed juice!)
Lovely mountain views


Chicamocha National Park

And some Bucaramanga city shots:

I love salsa dancing!


I also love tamales!
Bucaramanga city views
Roof top birthday party celebration!
Me, Lina, her daughter Lana, and Sylvia (one of Lina’s best friends)
Lina’s mom, Luz, is the sweetest.

I had such a wonderful time and am looking forward to my next visit.  It was a great way to celebrate my 32nd birthday and a nice ending to an eventful year filled with world travels!  Thanks again to my dad, Lina, and Luz for having me!  Hopefully for my next Colombia trip, David will be there and Stephanie (along with Evelet and Jaisen) and the Hoch can make it down as well! (Hoch waited too long to book his flight and since my birthday is right around Christmas, flights were too pricey for our budget :/ Book in advance people!)

More photos: Colombia 2016 Album

Until next post!


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