..rules us all.

I’ve taken a backseat to photography for money. Timing is everything and it just so happens my friend Hilary started coming into the spotlight as I was ready to retire from it. Before stepping completely out of the light, I discovered a fresh subject I passionately adore. I personally have been practicing yoga for a year now. I’ve been hard core for a few months and have been beyond blessed to get to know a few yogi’s a bit more personally. In addition to my number one stunner, Shannon Wiseman Laub, I’ve taken to other Yoga One gurus who indeed, speak my language. With them, I feel apart of a larger than life network of real and raw individuals. The conversations are rich and fulfilling. Everyone leaves their masks at the door. I must admit, I enjoy photographing yogis a bit more than I should.

To me, yoga is life. It’s the way I stand and walk to the way I smile and talk. My yoga mat is my home and it warmly welcomes me no matter where I’ve been or how long I’ve been gone. Yoga is believing I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and above all else, that I am enough. I can whole heartedly venture to say my yogi friends would agree. I truly love how they express themselves in life AND in front of my lens. I’ve had a couple sessions so far and look forward to many more….

Where simplicity and breathing collide, imperfections are genuine perfections, everyones’ race is humanity and Love rules us all.

Here’s Shannon followed by Amanda: my yogi people.

Thank you for loving my artsy fartsiness.




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