free to have

Good evening friends. I hope this post finds you well. The winter is beginning to fade (finally) and the spring weather is gracing us with its’ sweet presence here lately. You know those evenings when you just want to sit outside and stay awhile? And you get caught all up in the moment you’re in? I haven’t had an evening like that in too long until last night. I love when the urgency strikes me to grab my camera and capture from where my passion stems. I took quite a few of my world: My Jaisen and my Evelet.

Our daughter is growing so rapidly and it’s so bittersweet. I love how her constant is happiness. That is one happy and sweet girl. She teaches me that happiness is free to have, free to share and free to give. She knows no other way to be….no matter the weather, traffic, news, world, whatever…she’s just one happy, free spirited girl.

Hope you enjoy my first photo burst of my family in 2018. I’ll remember this particular evening for the rest of my sweet days. 🙂

Love you monk.


Love and Light,


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