Barcelona, Ibiza, Rome

Hey everyone! This post is being typed from my phone while sweating my ass off in Panama City jaja! First time here in this country and it’s humbling to say the least. My good friend Chris from High School lives out here and we’ve always stayed in touch and now I’m here being shown around. To sum up a little bit of Panama: It’s hot, dirty, constant construction going on, bumper to bumper traffic like no city I’ve ever been to… but I like it 🙂 I even found a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym and had a great class!

Barcelona: Less than two weeks ago my friend Dustin (another good friend from High School) and I flew to Barcelona, Spain. Both of us have never been so we decided to go! We originally decided to just stay in Barcelona for the whole week. But lol… We then looked into other flights out of Barcelona and found some great $20, and $40 dollar flights to Ibiza and Rome!

As soon as we landed in Barcelona I feel in love. So much history and beautiful architecture. It is without a doubt the cleanest city I have ever seen! I saw more city workers with brooms in their hands than police!

The Gothic Quarter was my favorite part of the city. You can get lost in those alley ways and would feel safe while you find your way out.

I even had the opportunity to keep up with my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training and found a nice little BJJ gym. Great instructor and nice people I got to roll with.

Ibiza: Now Ibiza is suppose to be the “party Island” of Europe. And I’m sure it is. But side note… just make sure you go during the peak summer season lol. Dustin and I went in the end of March and it was pretty dead. It we still a nice two days we spent exploring the old Ibiza city area where there’s this cool castle. But the best part of our visit to Ibiza was the tapas. Now tapas is one Spains traditional dishes. Bread with olive oil and it varies with different toppings. Everything from just tomato sauce to friend zucchini to fresh caught fish. Yum yum yum. If you’re ever in Ibiza look up Can Terra! That’s the spot with the best food and tapas 🙂

Rome: Now as y’all know… Rome wasn’t built in a day. But we accomplished a lot in two days! Dustin and I walked (according to our phone apps) approximately 15 miles! Our toes and feet where sore but it was worth it. We didn’t take a cab our entire stay in Rome. When we weren’t exploring the old empire and Vatican City, spent the rest of our time around the hostel (The Yellow Hostel). They had an affiliate ‘Yellow bar’ right across the street that held nightly activities and free pasta at 6:30pm. It was delicious. And our first night there they had a “beer pong” night. Long story short: Dustin and I represented lol and ran that table (6-0) until they cut us off and turned that area into the dance floor 😀

The mosquitoes are getting to me now while I type this lol… I’ll sum up the rest of this blog with pictures:

Night out in Barcelona. H2o on point!!

Well that’s about it! Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope you all get the chance to travel and visit Barcelona, Ibiza and Rome! :))

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