Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a great week!

This post is a bit different than my normal ones. I’ve had a busy few weeks including a couple of trips to Denver, CO and NY/NJ. And the primary reason for both trips was to visit with friends. So it got me thinking a bit about friendships.

There are so many different kinds of friendships and friends. There’s the best friend you speak with almost daily, the one you hardly talk to but always pick up where you left off, the one you lose contact with over time as you grow apart, the one that makes you die laughing, the one that lifts you up when you need it most, that new acquaintance or work buddy that you just click with, the list goes on….

And not to get all gooey and stuff, but life is such an amazing gift and all those friendships make it sooooooooo much better.

The fact that I live far away from most of mine does make me sad at times. Yes, I am a wanderluster at heart, but I still get lonely sometimes. I still miss them. And though I love making new friends, the comfort of hanging out with an old friend just cannot be beat.

So while I continue to explore this beautiful planet and make new friends, these past trips reminded me of the importance of staying connected with some of those old ones too. 🙂

And today, I’ll leave you with some new memories from the past couple of weeks that I feel compelled to share.

My friend Jennifer and I first met 15 years ago. We waited tables together and I asked her if she wanted to go to a club with me since we were both 18 and hadn’t been before. 😂

And from that moment on, we just clicked. We became close friends that summer before college and continued to hangout during summer and Christmas vacations. But then life happened and we stopped seeing each other as often. The last time we saw each other was actually at my sister’s baby shower which was over 4 years ago!!

But just as I suspected, we picked up right where we left off. Laughter, goofiness, snapchats, and even a bad hangover too.

I will definitely not let another 4 years pass before we hang out again.

Bonus: She now lives in Denver which is an awesome city!

The far left photo is from the summer of 2003. The middle and right are from summer 2018. My how time flies.

While in Denver, I also was able to meet up with a few girls that I’ve met through my online business. And it was such an amazing experience!

Meeting new people is always something I’ve enjoyed, but when you’re already on the same page and have similar goals, it really is like a breathe of fresh air. Someone who can help motivate you to continue growing and bring you up, is always a good friend to have.

And now I have met 4 of them in person (not to mention all the others I haven’t even met in person yet!)!


From left to right: Jeanette (from Connecticut), Shannon (from Denver), ME!!, Jamie (from Denver), & Tara (from Woodland Park, CO)

“New Friends Are Like New Adventures, You Never Know What Life Lessons They Will Teach You”

Lastly, I wanted to share something I thought to be a very touching and sweet moment.

Hoch and I went to NY/NJ for one of his best friend’s wedding (his very first friend in high school).

And they had asked him to officiate the wedding! It started out as a joke a couple years ago, but then they decided they wanted to follow-thru with it.

Of course, you can’t say no to that! Hoch was pretty nervous leading up to it the night before and the day of, but he did so well! It was the perfect combination of funny and sweet and I was just grinning from ear to ear. I was so proud.

Not only was the love between bride and groom extremely palpable (thanks in part to the wedding vows; some of the most touching vows I’ve ever heard. Yes, I did tear up), but the close relationship between Hoch and Mike was very evident.

What started as a joke ended up being a wonderful memory for them (and me). And was another reminder of how important and special those old friendships are!

Pauline, Hoch, and Mike

Until next time,


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