baby girl

Hey friends! Wow. It’s been forever since I’ve posted. What’s new? ….life is grand and I’m pregnant with baby # 2! I’ve been pretty up and down with morning sickness but overall, pretty good.

Today, Jaisen and I took our FOUR year old baby girl to her very first horse back riding lesson. We did it on a whim. She surprised me taking the reins and directing the horse all on her own! We had a trip watching. I feel like this is the first of many lessons. I had the dream as a small child to ride myself. I remember daydreaming over Black Beauty. Evelet loves Black Beauty. And Spirit. And The Black Stallion. And Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. Her Chinese Zodiac sign is actually a horse (like uncle David or “Daygid” as Evelet says). She thinks she is a horse. I think the horse is her spirit animal. She loves them. I love her loving them. I think horse back riding lessons will be good for her. Her instructor, Taylor, taught her how to approach a horse, what a “bridal” was, how to get on a horse and so much more. Horses are majestic and powerful animals. They must be respected. I think it’s truly magical that she wants to learn how to care for and ride one! Her great aunt Lena is very proud!

Here’s a few from this afternoon! I’ll make an effort to come back more often and share what’s going on in our world. I hope all of you are well! 🙂

Love and Light,



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