second born

Dearest Alba,

Hi sweet girl. Today is your very first birthday and you have me stunted for words. I cannot get over how much you have changed our lives….my life. As I sit here searching for words, you are next to me babbling your own. You fascinate me in every way. You are SO good and zin. You are a trailblazer. You go your own way. You are determined and lovely, gentle and calm. Nobody can tell you nothing! You have plans and you are on your way. You are crazy for your sissy and she is crazy for you. Your sister came into this world in a dramatic fashion… and you came so breezy and grounded. You ground the entire family actually. I still find myself trying to “figure you out” and it’s really simple… You are not to be figured out. You are You. My second born. Our baby girl. I love you so so much. Thank you for being the light bearer you are and making your mark with your mere existence …Mommy, Daddy and Sissy are full of your love now and forever.

I love you. Mommy



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