God I missed Traveling!

Hello, Kimberly here!

It’s been a hot minute since any of us has done a blog post. As you already know, it’s been a crazy couple of years with the Pandemic and everything. And because the blog was more of a fun side hobby, it ended up getting put on the back burner for a while.

But since I just recently got back from traveling abroad, I figured what a better way to dive back into my creativity & blogging then with a recap of my first trip back to Europe since before the pandemic hit!!

If you’re a fellow travel lover and haven’t been traveling recently, then you know my pain. NOTHING beats visiting a new country for the first time and I was long overdue for some new passport stamps.

This trip randomly came together and fortunately for me, I was able to spend a full month in Europe plus 2 weeks prior traveling within the states. So in today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing all the shenanigans from our first stop abroad… Croatia!

As you may already know, the Hoch and I have already been to Croatia as part of our World Travel Trip back in 2016. Usually we’re not ones to go to the same place twice, but we were invited to join some friends for a 7 Day Catamaran Cruise!! Our previous trip to Croatia was during the fall, so we knew this would be a very different experience.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to go sailing on the Adriatic Sea for a week?? Ummm yes please, let’s go ahead and check that one off the bucket list. ✔️

This is by far one of the most luxurious trips I’ve been on to date. Our private catamaran had 6 rooms, 4 bathrooms, a full kitchen, grill, sunbathing area, outdoor and indoor dining, and it was the perfect size for us 4 couples and skipper/captain. (check out the boat HERE! – not affiliated BTW)

We hired a skipper (a skipper license is necessary) which allowed everyone to sit back and relax while he did all the driving and more importantly parking. He also made recommendations for our itinerary, which islands/cities to stop at, where we should go for dinners, and was overall a really, nice and chill guy.

We debated hiring a cook as well, but ended up forgoing one to cook ourselves. We bought groceries (mostly for breakfast & lunch) when we arrived in Split and along the route as needed. It worked out really great since there were 8 of us and we all took turns either preparing meals or cleaning up afterwards.

Days consisted of sailing to our next destination with a break for swimming & paddle boarding, day drinking, naps, and straight up relaxing. We rented scooters and explored one of the islands one day and another day, we went to a wine tasting in town.

The nights varied depending on if we stayed overnight at a port city or if we anchored off shore somewhere random. We ate local seafood dishes the evenings that we went out to eat, but also had a couple evenings in on the catamaran grilling out. Those nights ended up being my favorite to be honest. 🙂

Anyways, I will let the photos do the rest of the talking… And if you’ve ever considered doing something similar, I highly recommend it! We’re already been talking about making it a regular thing, but in a new country each time!

Check out our catamaran!
Our first swim of the trip… of course Hoch brought beer to the shore.
Captain Kimberly 😆

A gallery of what the days consisted of:

Here’s a group shot of the entire bunch, including our skipper, Igor, on the left!

Good lookin’ bunch if I don’t say so myself!

Here’s a gallery of some dinner shots!

The following pictures have a little story to go with them.

Long story short, all the guys had motorcycle licenses except Hoch. So when we went to rent scooters, we had to go with the lowest powered one, which was not very good. The poor thing would struggle up hills which meant we kept falling behind everyone.

At one point there was a light and a tunnel and we had just missed it. We tried to walkie the others but there was no signal through the tunnel. Trusting that they would be waiting for us on the other side, we let a few cars go ahead of us once the light turned green again and then Hoch followed them hoping we could keep up.

Of course, the gap between us and the cars grew bigger and bigger and while we couldn’t speak, we both worried that the light would change again before we had a chance to exit.

But thank goodness everyone was waiting at the tunnel entrance for us, because the light did turn and other cars were about to enter!! They stopped them because they could see our little headlight coming and one of the drivers told them scooters wen’t allowed in the tunnel! Oooops!

Once we joined everyone, we explored a bit more and ended up going to a rakija tasting (like a fruit brandy) before having to drive BACK through the tunnel.

This time we all stuck together and it was way less stressful going through the tunnel, but let’s just say Hoch was more than ready to drop that scooter off!

BTW, we looked up the tunnel afterwards and according to one website, it is one of the most dangerous tunnels in the world. Not sure about that, but I guess it could’ve been!!

One of many boat shots from this trip!
Boat life is the best life!

Alright, that’s it for this recap! Stay tuned for my next post on our second stop… Portugal!!

Until then,


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