Bagan, Myanmar Video

Hi everyone!  We are starting our 10 Day Trek tomorrow!  We are excited and ready for it (we think)!  I’ve been working on some more India posts that are scheduled to post when we are MIA, but in the meantime here is a short video of our visit to Bagan, Myanmar from August (we are slowly catching up)! Enjoy!  And pay attention to Hoch’s e-bike driving skills. … Continue reading Bagan, Myanmar Video

Myanmar Part 2

Hi everyone!  Hope you’re having a good week!  For today’s post, I am going to cut straight to the chase and tell you about the next couple of cities that we visited in Myanmar, Bagan and Mandalay. Bagan: To start, we arrived in Bagan (bah-gahn, formerly Pagan) at 4:30am.  Though the VIP bus was comfortable, it hardly counts as a good night’s sleep, especially with … Continue reading Myanmar Part 2