the real

Hey guys. Hope everyone finds this post well. I’m wayyyyyy past due. The summer has literally flown by. My baby turned TWO and my empire is taking off and I’m Judy chopping left and right…so it’s time to take a breather to just say hey. I attached two short clips from my snapchat story featuring my number one girl in the entire world: my baby.

I do think there’s a lot to be kept to yourself…but there’s a bit I want to share or leave behind as bread crumbs. I would love to have access to clips of me as a baby. So here’s a sneak peek of ‘mi vida.’ And here’s to Evelet. And my family. And the crisp autumn air just up ahead. Hope everyone enjoys these short clips. They’re the real Us. And they are priceless, precious fragments in time I’m choosing to share with you. And they utterly crack me up. Hope you enjoy. 🙂



Until next time that won’t be too far down the road (promise),

P.s. Snapchat username: feelthybeauty

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