Blogiversary + New Series!

Hi everyone!  So today is technically our 1 YEAR blogiversary! It is crazy how fast the year has flown by and how much things have changed since we’ve started this blog.  Kimberly was fortunate enough to travel the world (and document it here).  Stephanie’s company, 3D Brows by Stephanie, has really taken off keeping her busy along with being a mom to an outgoing and vibrant two and a half year old.  David officially moved to Colombia and has been immersing himself in the language, culture and is killing the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game. Overall, it has been a great year for us and we want to say THANK YOU for reading!

As a way to celebrate, we decided to launch a new blog series.  The new series, 3 Cositas  (translates to three little things and “cositas” is pronounced like “co-see-tahs”… and Spanish lessons are now over), will showcase any random pictures, quotes, or links we want to share with you at the time. This is stemmed from the concept of living in the “now” and the things we choose to share are what’s currently trending and/or resonating with each of us in our own worlds. Pretty random but pretty authentic and should be fun to look back on. We will each share 3 things and plan to post together every couple of weeks. So without further ado, here are each of our “3 cositas” ! Hope you enjoy and again THANKS for reading this little blog of ours! 🙂


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… thankful for this man right here and all my family/friends back in the states!
Thankful for nature! In our courtyard in Colombia I planted a seed… It’s only been a few days but she/he is growing by the day! (I hope it’s a she 🙂 )
Thankful for Jiu-Jitsu! From far left is Jigoro Kano of Japan (Inventor Judo/Jiu-Jitsu), Esai Maeda (his student who eventually traveled to Brazil), Carlos Gracie (oldest of the Gracie Brazilian brothers who adopted Jiu-Jitsu from Maeda), Carlos Gracie Jr. (Still alive today and still teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), Professor Carlos Barreto (Black Belt under Carlos Gracie Jr. who helped bring Jiu-Jitsu to Colombia, South America) and me. If Evelet is up for it, I would like to help teach her Jiu-Jitsu one day. Oss


This new series will be a nice challenge for me.  I am obviously not a photographer and tend to forget to take photos, especially of daily life.  Not only will I need to make an effort to capture more moments, but I will also try to bring out my artistic side with some of these photos.  Well practice makes better so here goes….

Tea bag quote of the day
Since we’ve returned from our travels, I’ve really cut back on the alcohol.  But sometimes a good beer really hits the spot.  Oh and french fries too.
Photo from a visit to Arlington National Cemetery outside of D.C. last week.  Makes me feel humbled and grateful for those who have sacrificed their lives for this country.


For my 3 things, I chose…

#1) My skincare line is the BOMB!! This stuff really works. This is why I said bye bye to liquid foundation and hello to breathing skin! Find out which line is calling your name by taking the 2 second quiz at


#2) Snapchat clip of my baby girl acting like a big girl drinking from the water fountain. It’s the images of her doing “little things” that truly shift me into amazement and make me regret not having my camera with me more often…. I capture for keeps.

#3) I get on these Pinterest sprees and the other day, came across an amazing quote that spoke heavily to me.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” -Picasso 

Inspiration isn’t constant… but that doesn’t mean you aren’t. So keep moving, even when you don’t feel like it because it will find you………. if you want it to.

Until next post,

David, Kimberly, and Stephanie

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