3 Cositas

Some randoms from the past couple of weeks.


The past couple of weeks have been great here in Colombia! One of my favorite parts of being here in Colombia is the weather! Here in San Antonio de pereria the climate is almost the same ALL year. You wake up and its almost always a perfect day to go for a walk and at night it might cool down in the 60s but being from North Carolina… thats perfect!

I have been staying consistent with my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training as well… Watch my BJJ Video Below:

I made another video as well which shows my favorite vegan restaurant in Colombia!

$3.00 Dollar VEGAN MEAL :))

FYI the ants were NOT bad at all lol.. if I was stuck on an ant island.. I’d survive.



We planned a Korean night the other day and had to get some Soju (Korean version of Sake) to accompany our Trader Joe’s Korean BBQ short ribs. I’ve been on a grapefruit kick lately (weird since I used to hate it!) and really like the grapefruit version.


I recently swapped out some clothes from storage and found this old shirt in honor of Valentine’s month. 🙂


I was able to visit an old friend two weekends ago.  It had been far too long.  I always find myself somewhat giddy and overly happy when I get to spend time with my college friends.  It was sooo good to see her!  She has had a rough year (a huge understatement) and I had been wanting to visit for quite some time and am glad I was finally able to make it happen.



This woman is more than amazing. She’s not only my yoga instructor and friend…she’s an inspiration and an abundance of light. I feel refreshed and energized after being in her presence. She encourages the best to come out of me and has really helped me through some confusing times. I had a photoshoot of her and wanted to share a fave of the one and only Shannon Wiseman Laub. Thank you for being YOU. And namastackalakaaaaaaaaa!!!


There’s two kinds of people in this world. Lyrics people and the other kind. Im a lyrics person. Lady Gaga has this new song out called “Million Reasons.” I respect any artists and especially the ones with a voice but particularly the ones who write their own lyrics. It’s poetry and a gift. One of her lines in that song is:

“It’s like that I’ve stopped breathing, but completely aware…”

To me, that’s beautifully said. I am very optimistic and have an intolerance to negativity. I usually wouldn’t share something other than inspiring but this line hit a nerve. It’s quite okay to feel vulnerable. In fact, we should let ourselves feel more often rather than sweep things under the rug just to rediscover it years later. It’s okay to let it out sometimes. I’m not always “together.” In fact, I never am. And there are times when I feel exactly like the line from that song…and it’s okay. So there’s that…

The third thing I wanted to share was my newest favorite corner in my living room. I’ve been going through a redecorating phase and I love how fresh and new a room can look by making a few changes here and there. I love decorating in general. Walking into my house is like walking into my own little art gallery. My surroundings have to be aesthetically pleasing to my eye. That’s just how I roll.


Until next post,

Los Ramseys

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