beautiful mess

Hey friends!….. So, do you guys remember my post of Evelet’s Christmas photos I took? If you haven’t seen them, check them out here. I ordered the dress off of Etsy. I shared the post with the owner of the company and she loved them. She asked if she could send a few more dresses in exchange for photos of my Evelet wearing them. Well, I think my answer is obvious! Her username on Etsy is jamiepowell and her dresses are PRECIOUS. The link to her precious online store is here. The dresses are affordable and great quality. She also offers other pieces of cute madness for little girls. I wish I had discovered her store sooner.

Of course I have so much fun capturing sweet images of my baby girl. That girl’s personality is really starting to shine through…and her hair. She wants it to be free. I let her be her little self and encourage her to shine more. We had to convince her to rock the flower crown by talking about Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. ( I personally love that movie and enjoy watching it over and over…) Anyways, here she is. My two and a half year old beautiful mess in her brand new jamiepowell dress. 🙂




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