look at mommy

She won’t look at me when I tell her to. With or without the camera in my hand, she’s like a cat to me. She cannot be told; only convinced. And only with her own flair. (Such a Leo)

She looked so cute when I put that hat on her, I had to capture her. She was running all over the place happy as can be and I was chasing her with my camera. I finally “asked”: “Evelet, please look at mommy? Look at me…. Please?”

Finally, she decided to look at mommy. And my gracious, my heart nearly exploded when she gave me that look. She wasn’t just looking at the camera. Those piercing eyes half covered in curls were looking at Mommy and seeing Me.


In response to Ariel’s lyrics from the Little Mermaid:

“What’s a fire and why does it….what’s the word….burn?”

To me and obviously metaphorically speaking, that last photo answers both of those questions.

Xo and tallyho,


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