New Beginnings

Hey everyone!  So we’re back with our new 3 Cositas series.  We decided to start adding themes as a way to tie our randomness together.  This week’s theme, New Beginnings, is in honor of spring fever.  It’s been a mild winter and is definitely starting to feel like spring (which we love)!  This time of year usually involves spring cleaning (both home and wardrobe), gardening (if that’s your thing), and planning for any summer vacations.  So here are a few things that are representative of fresh starts to us at the moment.


Yo yo what’s good? Alright I’m at the airport on my phone typing my fingers away and this iPhone auto spell correct is already PISSING ME OFF! Lol jk no but for real I’m sure you can relate.. but anyways I’m about to catch a flight back HOME to North Carolina! I can’t wait to see my Mama (I’m a mamas boy btw) and I can’t wait to see Evelet! And my sister Stephanie and Jason everyone else! Kim is actually at the airport about to fly to Chile 🇨🇱 so I won’t see her :/ BUT I do plan on booking a flight to visit her while she is teaching English down there! So stay tuned for a blog post about that life! But before then… A lot is going to happen.. heck a lot is already happening!

I will spend 3 weeks back home catching up with family and getting some great jiu-jitsu training at Charlotte jiu-jitsu. And on April 5th I’ll be flying back to south Florida for 5 days THEN (drum roll please (use your imagination))

I am off to THAILAND 🇹🇭! I’ve always wanted to go so now I’m going! And after hearing what Kimberly said about it I went ahead and booked my flight. I will be going for one month! And will be staying in Phuket Thailand.. it’s a beach city with a lot to do! While there I won’t just be chilling on the beach getting my tan on lol I will be training jiu-jitsu AND Muy Thai! Yes, I will most likely be getting my ass kicked the whole trip but I’m looking forward to it all! Nothing like getting outside your comfort zone (that’s where the magic happens)!

And I need to back track a few days.. this past week I got to visit Havana Cuba! 🇨🇺

And it was LIT! Lol I went with two good friends from high school and we just did two days!


Below are some pics of Cuba! I will post more pics/videos on my Cuba 2017 blog post:


Typical street view of a Cuban restaurant


Trying to look candid with a Cuban cigar lol


On my mane


El gato
Sweet pizza.. cost less than $1USD each




As you may know, I am in the middle of big transitions including moving to a new home (and city) and planning for a semester volunteering abroad.  When it comes to moving to a new home, I always look forward to starting over, decluttering, and redecorating.  Traveling abroad for 6 months the past year has really sorta pushed the limits on what I really need verses what I really want.  That being said, I want to maintain a minimalist approach when it comes to decorating, but at the same time I still want it to feel homey.  It can be a fine line, but all it takes are a few simple and classic pieces to really tie a room together.  Plus the less stuff you have, the easier it is to keep it clean and organized.

Hoch and I are lucky in that we are moving to a larger apartment.  We do not have to get rid of more things, but instead need to rethink how to decorate and really stretch what we have before purchasing new items (easier said than done!).  We still have a ways to go, but I wanted to share some photos of my favorite corner of our apartment right now.

Our living room:

{New Items: The basket to keep our blankets, the blanket on the couch (a gift from mami), and the place-mat and plants on the coffee table.  Dislike: The blinds.}
{Trying out our green thumb with a small cacti and succulent on this southwestern inspired place-mat.}
As far as my semester in Chile, I’ve been doing a lot of research on what to bring with me to assist in my classroom.  A lot of basic items will be provided once I arrive, but it was also suggested to bring some items that may be more difficult to find in Chile.  Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

{A world map and small flags to decorate the classroom, emoji erasers and stickers with English phrases to award students, and a set of dry erase lapboards to use during lessons.}
I’ve also been looking on Pinterest for ideas on how to decorate my classroom.  I will be sure to post more about this once I am down there!  Also any additional suggestions or ideas are appreciated! 🙂


vision board

I decided to make my first vision board as a mommy. Here are some pieces I’ve collected over the last few weeks including healthy home cooked meals, a kick boxing glove, meditation, lashes (lash boost!), a horse, palm trees and more. Some things are obvious and others have an underlying meaning but it’s important to me to see the things opposed to words… although I do have a couple quotes in there. Excited to finish this fun little project. P.s. I made my last vision board with my mama and sister on Christmas 2012 maybe?….everything on the board came true except the Grand Canyon. #true story


Here’s a biggie. If you didn’t know, I start working as a 3D brow microblading artist a year ago in May. I have been in the transition phase of getting my very own place! In the past month (and with a LOT of help from my sissy), I’ve made some big decisions. I paid the deposit on my new place, my baby’s new childcare center, obtained my LLC and dropped some serious money on supplies. Here’s my very own tattoo chair/bed and stool still in their boxes in our living room. Move in day is approaching soon. I still have a couple “biggies” on my list… and there’s been some set backs here and there but I just keep riding the wave. I realized this entire mission has produced some serious anxiety on a completely different level for me. I remember freaking over which suite I wanted…I called my sister frantically going back and forth saying “one is bigger but the other one has a window and I’ve always wanted a window but the other one is bigger and I just don’t know!” and she said “If you want the window, get the one with a window.” And I remember feeling so relieved and alleviated and almost foolish. The answer was so simple when she said that. Duhhhh Stephanie!! Anyways, I’m getting there. Can’t wait to share more once I get settled.


One constant new beginning is this precious angel and those growing feet! Check out these jellies courtesy of Wally World, size 9! She’s 2 1/2 going on 16. (Insert cry face here) Just when I can’t think I can love anymore, my heart stretches bigger and floods love into new nooks and crannies she has created. She is my balance beam; the thing that centers me.

Until next time,

Los Ramseys

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