Havana CUBA

FYI you will need to pay a $100 visa at the airport. My friends and I did not know this because we live that boss life and love $100 dollar surprises lol! So don’t do what we did! Learn from our mistakes and be ready to pay an extra $Benjamin.

Going to Cuba was like getting into a TIME MACHINE and going back 60 years!

I loved it!

We didn’t set up anything! We just went! No pre booked hotel.. nada.

We landed, exchanged our money (you have to do all this at the airport because from what we researched, Cuba doesn’t offer US money exchanges outside airport and regardless the US dollar will suffer a %10 loss in exchange for the Cuban currency because Trump is present (I joke..iduno why).

So me and my friends (Chris and Omar) while at the Fort Lauderdale airport, took our US dollars and switched them to EUROS.. then once in Cuba we exchanged the EURO for the Cuban Peso.

AND to make things more simple! There are two types of Cuban currencies!

Nationalizes(CUP) and Monuments(CUC).

Pretty much, the Nationalizes has people on the bills (I’m on one of them 😉 and Monuments has buildings on the paper (my house is on one of them 🙂

The difference? For every one monument equals 25 nationalizes! This is where you have to be careful because you can get ripped off and people will try and take advantage. Did we get ripped off??? Fudge no. We bosses.

After the exchange, instead of most likely getting over charged by a cab we decided to do what most gringos don’t do and hopped on a bus into town. We took two buses!

Me, Chris and Omar first pic in Cuba!

Youtube video I made of our Havana, Cuba trip! Hope this blog post and video helps if you are thinking about going to visit Cuba!


Stay tuned for more upcoming post!

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