dearest darling

Hey friends!

I’m super excited about this dress sent to Evelet in exchange for photos of her in it. (If you missed the initial post explaining those details, you can check it out here.)

This baby of mine leaves me so speechless. One day, she’s going to read these posts. Today, I am leaving something more behind for Her in addition to the post…

My dearest darling Evelet,

if you’re reading this right now, Hola muñeca. You are a 2 1/2 year old spit fire. You are the purest version of who YOU are. You can speak with your eyes… just like your daddy. You peek behind your curls and bat those eyes as well. You love your hair down and free. You speak Español with your “abuelita Lula”. Your favorite princesses are the warriors at heart. Moana followed by Pocahontas and Merida. Your favorite queen is Queen Elsa. You more than love to sing. You go to a place I can only imagine when you sing. You ask me to dance with you all the time. You are happy. You’re an abundance of light. You fascinate me every. single. day. I am so proud of every ounce of you. I love you immensely, immeasurably and beyond depth, distance or time.

I see you, “Mommy”



Until the next dress,

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