Saludos desde Colombia! Hola everyone! It’s been a month since my last post and I don’t know where the time went… But needless to say, I am currently in Colombia South America staying with my Dad and immersing myself in the Colombian culture! My Dad has been living in Colombia for almost two years. This is my third time in Colombia. My dad used to live in the … Continue reading Colombia


I have been procrastinating with these blog posts A lot has happened since my last post… I’m back home in North Carolina 🙂 I really enjoyed staying with Kimberly and Hoch in the NYC area. The city life is crazy beautiful and I understand more now than ever why people choose to live that lifestyle. But I have also gained a deeper appreciation for my hometown state … Continue reading Lately…

20 NYC Pics

New York is crazy. It’s a fast city with too much to do. And I love it. There’s a contagious wave of energy that echoes across this concrete jungle. The food, people, history, restaurants and did I mention food? Make this city so great… I enjoy using the public transportation and the 8-10 miles of walking I accumulate every time I head into the city. I bring my … Continue reading 20 NYC Pics

Time to post!

There’s this dementing part in the human brain that “thinks” it has plenty of time… Which is misleading. Because “The trouble is, you think you have time.”-Buddha “Shoulda Coulda Woulda” (remove from vocabulary)! I’m guilty of pushing the envelope on completing projects, goals and etc.. (This Blog Post). No longer am I going to wait for the perfect moment. If there’s one thing I learned … Continue reading Time to post!